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  • Pre-Conference Events: Jul 22 - Aug 4
  • Live & On-Demand Conference: Aug 5-7
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Saturday, August 8


On-Demand Sessions - TBA On-Demand S01 - People Describing People: Using Social Media to Facilitate Archival Description On-DemandMeaghan O'Riordan • Marta Crilly • Janet Carleton • Simon O'Riordan • Heidi Morse S02 - A Profession for Us: Creating and Sustaining an Equitable, Inclusive, and Diverse Archives Field On-DemandAmy C. Vo • Jennifer Ho • Heather Lanctot • Audrey Swartz • Sylvia Hernandez • Anjelica Ruiz • Nicholas Caldwell • Melissa Peña • Kelli Yakabu S04 - Ambition, Advocacy, and the Future of Storytelling On-DemandSelena Chau • Bridget Carr • Allison Schein Holmes • Frank Villella • Gabryel Smith S05 - Archives on the Move On-DemandTanya Yule • Elizabeth Dunham • Sara Schliep • DiAnna Hemsath • Chelsea Fairley • Jennifer Head • Katrina Cohen-Palacios (she/her) S06 - Artists and Archivists: Current Trends, Future Practices, and the Creative Process On-DemandAdina Riggins • Lauren Gaylord • Colin Post • Brenna Edwards • Lauren White S07 - Audiovisual Online: A Discussion on Challenges to Access On-DemandLaura Starratt • Mark Quigley • Casey Davis • Ruta Abolins • Amy Dygert S08 - Building International Partnerships for Digitization and Preservation On-DemandSharon Farb • Todd Grappone • Rachel Deblinger • Jennifer Osorio S10 - Challenging Silences and Biases in the Historical Record On-DemandKaren Walton Morse • Helice Koffler • Racine Amos S11 - Community Collections as Digital Collectives On-DemandLiza Posas • Kate Flynn • Stella Castillo • Jeanne Long • Tyler Hersey S12 - Connecting to Communities: Outreach at the Missouri State Archives On-DemandMary Stansfield • Kelsey Berryhill • John Dougan • Brian Rogers S13 - Corporate Archives: Fact or Fiction? On-DemandMichele McKinnon Fricke • Jennifer Johnson • Tracey Panek • Joanne Lammers S14 - Creative Digital Preservation Drives our Future at the Poarch Band of Creek Indians On-DemandDr. Deidra Suwanee Dees • Jon Dean • Charlotte McGhee Meckel S15 - Digital Access and Preservation in Artists' Archives: Challenges, Strategies, and Solutions On-DemandErin Barsan • Farris Wahbeh • Jenny Korns • Emily Dunne • Meghan Lyon S16 - Draft Use Cases and Recommended Practices for Reuse Assessment: The Archival Perspective On-DemandElizabeth Joan Kelly • Ayla Stein-Kenfield S18 - From the Ground Up: The Demystification of Conservation in Collections and Planning for the Future On-DemandDorothy Davis • Katie Boodle • Kathy Meagher • Patrick McCawley S19 - Good Morning, IRENE! Innovative Non-Contact Preservation Methods for Historical Sound Recordings On-DemandBryce Roe • Stephanie Battle • Julia Hawkins S20 - @GovernmentArchives: #Successes #Limitations On-DemandKelsey Berryhill • Joyce Phelps • Lynn Smith • John Dougan S21 - Hiring for the Future: Reflections on the ARL/SAA Mosaic Program On-DemandMark A. Puente • Courtney Dean • Jasmine Sykes-Kunk S22 - Imagining the Holy: Digitally Transforming Our Understanding of Historic Palestine On-DemandJulie McVey • Sara Manco • Yazan Kopty S24 - Implementing Inclusive (Re)Description at Predominantly White Institutions On-DemandFaith Charlton • Kelly Bolding • Cate Peebles • Jennifer Garcon • Betts Coup S25 - Invisible Minorities and Oral Histories: Considerations on Ethical Access On-DemandDerek Webb • Brian M. Watson • Jessamyn Swan • Mel Leverich • Melissa Madera S26 - It's a Small World After All: Accommodating Languages in Archives On-DemandMichelle Sayers • Steven Calco • Yingwen Huang • Lindsay Wittwer • Ella von Holtum S27 - It's a Team Effort: Overcoming Digital Appraisal Anxiety Through Communication and Collaboration. On-DemandOlga Virakhovskaya • Rosalie Gartner • Bonnie Gordon • Kelsey O'Connell • Hyeeyoung Kim S28 - Legal Access vs. Community Empowerment: Re-examining Privacy Restrictions for Under-Documented Histories On-DemandMegan K. Friedel • Jamie Marie Wagner • Ashlyn Velte S29 - Love Can't Turn Around™: Evidences of the Belief in the Power of Our Collective Social Experiences as Sites of Pleasure, Purpose and Politics On-DemandSkyla S. Hearn • Erin Glasco • Raquel A. Flores-Clemons • Stacie Williams • Meida McNeal • Tracy S. Drake S30 - Major Revisions Required: Archival Scholarship and the Complexities of Publishing On-DemandRosemary K. J. Davis • Gordon Daines • Jamie A. Lee • Itza Carbajal • Marika Cifor • Grace Danico S31 - "Make it Work": Combining Tools to Create Sustainable Archival Collection Management Ecosystems On-DemandLindy Smith • Jane Gorjevsky • Rebecca Fifield • Carolyn Runyon • Katie Rojas • Jessica Maddox • Austin Munsell • Meaghan O'Riordan • Robin McElheny • Jordan Michelle Jancosek S32 - Mapping our Past, Envisioning our Future: GIS Technology in Archives On-DemandShannon M. Lausch • Laura Sorvetti • Brittany Newberry • Christina Bleyer • Sarah Schubert S33 - Memories of a Forever Chemical: Collaborating to Collect, Preserve, and Interpret Community Voices in the Aftermath of Michigan's PBB Mix-up On-DemandMark Harvey • Rachel Clark • Nicole L. Brabaw • Brittany B. Fremion • Marian J. Matyn S36 - Protocols 101: How to Start the Conversation at Your Institution On-DemandCaitlin Haynes • Nicole Topich • Melissa Stoner • Diana Marsh • Sara Guzman • Rose Buchanan • Stephen R. Curley S38 - Religious Controversies, Public Accountability, and Archival Access On-DemandCassandra Nicole Berman • Dana Bronson • Caitlin Reeves • Sarah Schelde • Melanie Meyers • Tarienne Mitchell S39 - Remaining Relevant: Changing the aesthetic of archives through collaboration and creativity On-DemandSarah Tanner • Tiffany Atwater Lee • Martin Dodd S41 - Saving Software for Future [Re]use On-DemandVicky Steeves • Wendy Hagenmaier • Euan Cochrane • Alexandra Chassanoff • Genevieve Milliken • Sarah Nguyen • Morane Gruenpeter S42 - Setting a New Standard: Practical Applications and Uses of Standardized Measures and Metrics On-DemandAmanda Hawk • Tyson M. Koenig • Jay-Marie Bravent • Susan McElrath • Jeanie Fisher S44 - Tech Futures: Star Trek in the Archives? On-DemandMeredith Rector • Josh Schneider • Chuck Koontz • Lori Podolsky S45 - The Elephant in the Stacks: Interrogating and Destigmatizing the Backlog On-DemandStephanie Bredbenner • Brad Houston • Natalie Johnson • Ève Bourbeau-Allard • Samantha Cross S46 - The Evolution of SNAC: Technological Advances, Policy Development, & Workflow Models On-DemandSusan Pyzynski • Rachael Hu • Alexander Duryee • John Dunning S47 - The Nixon White House Tapes in the Digital Age On-DemandCary McStay • Daniel Rodríguez S50 - Two-Spirit Resurgence: Overcoming Archival Erasure of Two-Spirit People in North America On-DemandBrett Lougheed • Albert McLeod • Agléška Cohen-Rencountre • Rachel Mattson S51 - Veterans in the Archives On-DemandDara Baker • William Baehr • Jane Cross • Carlos Alvarado • Amy B. Poe S52 - Waking Up: Disaster Planning and Response in Archives On-DemandRyan Leimkuehler • Rose Marie Kimbell • Gwendolyn Higgins S53 - Whose History?: Teaching with Archival Materials through Place Based Education Initiatives On-DemandKristen Weischedel • Sean Visintainer • Stephanie Anckle S54 - Zooming In: Leveraging GIS and Linked Data to Protect Cultural Heritage at Home, Across the U.S., and Around the Globe On-DemandChristine Wiseman • Cliff Landis • Lori Foley • Nana Kaneko S55 - Emerging Voices in Archives On-DemandCesar Gallegos • Ana Roeschley • Natasha Kovalyova • Christopher Melton S56 - Ain't in the Budget: Tips for Audiovisual Preservation in Underfunded Collections On-DemandBiz Gallo • Sarah Mainville S57 - Email Archiving On-DemandChristopher Prom • Camille Tyndall Watson • Ruby Lorraine Martinez • Joel Simpson Purchase the Right Archvial CMS, Not Just Any CMS (Hosted by Lucidea) On-DemandMargot Note • Marcus Liban
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